01. 23. 2015

Deep Into Enemy Territory - New Map Area

Hello Cranebirds!

In this post you’ll find screenshots from the new map area called Warehouses (there’s 14 new levels included) and find out the latest info on Overkill 3 launch date. Read More »

11. 14. 2014


We all hate waiting, but some things are just worth the wait. This post explains why we believe Overkill 3 is one of those things. Read More »

10. 10. 2014


Curiosity. It’s in the human nature. How many of us have hunted for Christmas presents long before they appeared beneath the Christmas tree? Read More »

09. 26. 2014

New Gameplay Video, Betatesting Info and More

First feedback on Overkill 3 has arrived and players are crazy excited. Turns out, Overkill 3 still has the spirit of previous Overkill shooters, plus everything’s shinier, more polished and giving you more freedom of gameplay. Read More »

09. 12. 2014

How Characters Come to Life in Overkill 3

When we switched Overkill 3 to 3rd person it became obvious we’d need smooth animations for John Scully, leader of the Resistance, the hero of the people. Read More »

09. 05. 2014

With Great Physics Comes Great… Fun

Since it’s the beginning of the school year, we wanted to do a lighter, happier post today. As you can see from the images below, Overkill 3 has ragdoll physics. Read More »

08. 29. 2014

Meet the Faction

The world of Overkill is a hostile place. After the Global Seismic Catastrophe, more commonly known as the Seismic Nightmare, life on Earth turned to hell. Read More »

Featured Machine Gun Nest
08. 22. 2014

Blow Off Steam from Behind a Mounted Cannon

You know how some days just suck? Like you get fined for speeding. THEN your car brakes down. So you get on a bus, just to get moral slapping for the way you dress from a complete stranger. Read More »

3rd-person featured Overkill 3
08. 15. 2014

Why Overkill 3 Is a 3rd Person Shooter

Wondering why we decided for 3rd person and how it’s going to affect your game? In this post, we explain the reasons that lead to Overkill 3 being a 3rd person cover based shooter. Read More »

08. 08. 2014

GUNS: The Building Bricks of Overkill

Guns and gun upgrading have always been central to the Overkill series and Overkill 3 is no exception. In fact, there are quite a few things to get excited over. First of all, you’ll have more visual customization freedom with camouflages and stickers.

Read More »