08. 15. 2014

Why Overkill 3 Is a 3rd Person Shooter

Why Overkill 3 Is a 3rd Person Shooter

Wondering why we decided for 3rd person and how it’s going to affect your game? In this post, we explain the reasons that lead to Overkill 3 being a 3rd person cover based shooter. We believe 3rd person lets us keep the central Overkill gameplay that you love so much for its simple controls and focus on shooting. At the same time it greatly expands the gameplay possibilities and brings exciting new mechanics.


Without you there would be no Craneballs. Your support makes it all possible and your enjoyment and delight is the fuel for our creative passion. Thanks to you, we can do what we’ve always wanted to do! So when the community speaks up, we listen and try hard to make you happy. You guys seem to always want more guns and customization. We know that very well and we’re going to make you happy. The other wishes that most often pop up in the appstore reviews for Overkill and Overkill 2 are connected with the gameplay:

“Great controls, I love how I can focus on the shooting alone.”

“I wish I could move in this game.” (And they are not always put this nicely.)

“Can you make the game so we can cover against the enemy fire and not just stand there getting shot at?”

Sure the magic of Overkill is to shoot first and don’t get shot at, but still… we tend to agree. So how do we improve Overkill 3 based on feedback from you?


We didn’t want to go down the dual-stick road. We wanted you to keep focused on shooting. The Overkill experience is all about a keen eye, quick reflexes and deadly aim. Rest assured you’ll get plenty of it in Overkill 3. Left thumb is for aiming. Right thumb is for the action. Still, we wanted to step it up. We’ve learned a lot during the years we spent making games for/with you. It is time to go big! We wanted to create a beautiful full 3D world for you to enjoy. Going with the 3rd person cover based shooter allows us to do exactly that. You’ve seen the graphics in our teaser, now read about the new features:



Obviously something you’d expect from a cover based shooter. You’ll automatically cover while reloading and it’s generally a good idea to cover from enemy grenades. You will also want to cover a lot during boss fights!


Remeber all those nice scope upgrades from Overkill 2? They will be even nicer in Overkill 3. And they will actually be zooming! Brings a whole new perspective to a high-powered sniper rifle. We’re sure this will make a lot of you sharpshooters out there happy!

Sniping time!


When you progress through the many levels of Overkill 3 you’ll need to change covers. Many of these runs are interactive and you’ll need to be on your toes to avoid ambushes, sniper fire, falling rocks and other nasty surprises the battlefield of Overkill 3 has in store for you.

Overkill 3 comes this Fall (or Autumn if you prefer that one). Don’t forget to subscribe below! We’ll notify you when the game goes live.