08. 22. 2014

Blow Off Steam from Behind a Mounted Cannon

Blow Off Steam from Behind a Mounted Cannon

You know how some days just suck? Like you get fined for speeding. THEN your car brakes down. So you get on a bus, just to get moral slapping for the way you dress from a complete stranger. And when you finally get home you find out there’s no bacon left in the fridge. And no cold one either, for that matter, to cool off the hardships of the day. At that moment you’re basically a walking time-bomb waiting to explode.

I’m sure we’ve all had those. At the end of such days your only desire is to smash things. To crush and destroy. But you don’t want to be venting that anger on your loved ones. Don’t worry! Overkill 3 will soon help you defuse all that anger in a very violent, but completely non-threating way.


You are in a calm place now. You’ve mounted a two-barrelled mayhem machine of death. Everything else melts away. Your only worry now is to score some sweet kill-combos. And score those combos you will!

These MG nest missions are totally rad. Overkill 3 already looks quite enjoyable, doesn’t it? And you haven’t seen it all yet. Next week will introduce some of the enemies you’ll be facing. Keep tuned in!