10. 10. 2014



Curiosity. It’s in the human nature. How many of us have hunted for Christmas presents long before they appeared beneath the Christmas tree?

For everyone curious about what’s it going to be like to play Overkill 3, we have these two new things:

1) New Power Plant Location Guarded by the Massive Robotic Lobster-Monster

First encounters with the beast ended up in massacre of many Resistance fighters. Men were too curious to leave the weird and seemingly lifeless machine alone. They approached it with caution first, but nothing would happen. They relaxed and came closer still. They dropped their guards down. The monstrosity came to life.

By then it was too late for them. The machine powered its two energy cannons and swiftly turned the Resistance soldiers into screaming human torches. The place filled with nerve-wrecking screams and the smell of scorched meat, but it only last a moment. When the screams faded, the machine too went back to sleep. Waiting for its next unsuspecting victims.

2) Sneak Peek Levels

We know you’re curious and you can handle your sh… self. The Resistance will be sending you on scout missions. They don’t want to lose more men to other unknown mechanical atrocities, so every time a new slaughter machine is discovered, you’ll be the one to investigate.

Curiosity killed the cat they say, but don’t worry; you’ll be safely wrapped in the latest armor and weilding a powerful gun!