01. 23. 2015

Deep Into Enemy Territory - New Map Area

Deep Into Enemy Territory - New Map Area

Hello Cranebirds!

In this post you’ll find screenshots from the new map area called Warehouses (there’s 14 new levels included) and find out the latest info on Overkill 3 launch date.

It’s been quite some time since the last update, but rest assured we’ve been busy as bees. The launch is near! We need about a month to deliver Overkill 3 to you. One last final month and you will be able to play our best game yet. Overkill 3 is the most ambitious game we have ever set to create. We are incredibly grateful for your continuous patience and the amazing support you’ve shown in the last couple of months. It keeps us afloat and moving forward.

Developing Overkill 3 has been a dream come true. When we started making games some 6 years ago, we always dreamed about going big. Dreamed about one day creating a game which would overshadow everything we’d created before. That milestone project that defines who we are, pushes us to our outer most limits. One that would make us or break us. We know now that Overkill 3 is that project.

Yes, the dream turned to a nightmare from time to time. Technical difficulties, painful bottlenecks, harsh criticisms, hundreds of heated discussions we went through to answer the most difficult questions and decide the direction of the development. Yet looking back now, playing Overkill 3, it all feels worth it.

Ultimately though, it’s all upon you. In a month or so, you decide the fate of Overkill 3. If you’d like us to send you a reminder when Overkill 3 goes live, leave us your e-mail at the end of this article. You’ll also receive a pre-order promo code for free MP5 on the launch day.

And Now, Let’s See Them Pictures!


These are the Warehouses, John. Be careful, you are getting ever closer to the enemy.



Is that all you’ve got?


Oh… Hello there.


Upgrades! Let your faithful MG Nest grow with you as you progress through the game.


That’s new. The Shield creates a protective barrier around every enemy. You will need to disassemble it first.


Let’s hope you can play better than this guy…


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PS: All the screenshots are taken directly from the game. No Photoshop.