08. 08. 2014

GUNS: The Building Bricks of Overkill

GUNS: The Building Bricks of Overkill

Guns and gun upgrading have always been central to the Overkill series and Overkill 3 is no exception. In fact, there are quite a few things to get excited over. First of all, you’ll have more visual customization freedom with camouflages and stickers.

There will be one more gun part to upgrade. In addition to scope, magazine, stock, foregrip, siderail, muzzle and barrel upgrades known from Overkill 2, you’ll be upgrading your gun triggers as well in Overkill 3. Scope upgrades will affect your gun zooming capabilities directly in the game. And most importantly, all the gun models come with an unprecedented level of visual detail.


If you were amazed by the Overkill 2 arsenal, you’ll be literally blown away this time! We’ve employed a number of new technologies and techniques to bring the gun models ever closer to reality. There’s dynamic lighting, there are normal maps, specular maps, advanced shaders with HDR cubemaps and the models have twice as many polygons compared to Overkill 2.

What the hell it all means? It means all the intricate details of real-life guns will be visible in Overkill 3. It means that when you are tweaking your guns in Overkill 3, watching them from all angles, zooming in and out, you’ll feel like a bloody gun engineer from a blockbuster sci-fi movie. It will be like watching Minority Report for the first time. Only this time you are the Tom Cruise.



We were often asked “Can you please add camos for the guns in Overkill 2?” and it was real frustrating having to say: “No. Unfortunately Overkill 2 was not designed with this kind of customization in mind.” Well, we wanted to change that with Overkill 3. Now we say “Camouflages for everyone!” We also added gun stickers as a bonus. Check out how it works.


1) Take a look at this ACR rifle, lovely isn’t it? This is the original looks with some stickers added.

2) Now here’s the same gun in digi camo!

3) And finally here’s the same ACR with what we call the Zebra-Tiger camo!



We know how much you love guns. We already have about 20 ready and we’re aiming to have at least 30 guns for you when Overkill 3 finally arrives. There are the good ‘ole classics such as Desert Eagle, MP5, M4A1 or P90. All kinds of pistols, SMGs, shotguns, assault rifles, machine guns and sniper rifles. But we wanted to try something new as well this time. Prepare for guns you’ve never seen before. Futuristic concept hardware, gauss rifles and also some special treats seen in famous movies. Below is the MN79 Heavy Machine Gun.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more information on new gameplay mechanics, the enemies and everything else about Overkill 3 that will make it the best Overkill experience yet. We’ll break the news on our Facebook. You can always sign-up below and get a bundled e-mail once in a while with all the news about Overkill 3.

Over and out.